Photovoltaic Panel Prices – Cost of Solar Panel PV Systems 2024

Considering adding photovoltaic panels to your home and curious about the cost? Installation prices for photovoltaic panels in 2023 vary, ranging from R70,000 for smaller homes to R350,000 for larger residences. Additionally, backup power systems that are compatible with future PV panel additions start from R40,000 installed. Explore various aspects including:

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Reducing Installation Price by Tailoring Your Photovoltaic System to Monthly Energy Usage

Choosing a photovoltaic system that aligns with your specific monthly energy consumption can significantly impact installation costs. Solar Power Pros offers precise system recommendations to match various energy usage levels, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We emphasize PV panel and inverter sizing to optimize your system for your unique needs.

For 1000 kWh Monthly Consumption:

  • Inverter Size: A powerful 10 kW inverter is recommended.
  • PV Panel Wattage: Approximately 13-14 panels of 550W each, totaling around 7150 – 7700 watts.
  • Battery Size: A robust 20-24 kWh battery is ideal for daily energy needs and backup.

For 800 kWh Monthly Consumption:

  • Inverter Size: An 8 kW inverter is suitable for optimal performance.
  • PV Panel Wattage: Around 11 panels, each 550W, adding up to about 6050 watts.
  • Battery Size: A 16-20 kWh battery will provide sufficient storage and backup.

For 500 kWh Monthly Consumption:

  • Inverter Size: Consider a 5 kW inverter, or a 6-7 kW for enhanced performance.
  • PV Panel Wattage: About 7 panels, each 550W, for a total of approximately 3850 watts.
  • Battery Size: A 10-12 kWh battery is recommended to cover daily energy needs and ensure backup power.

For 300 kWh Monthly Consumption:

  • Inverter Size: A minimum of a 5 kW inverter is advisable.
  • PV Panel Wattage: Around 4 panels of 550W, giving a total of approximately 2200 watts.
  • Battery Size: A 6-8 kWh battery should suffice for daily usage and backup.

Additional Considerations:

  • These PV panel quantities are adjusted for South Africa’s sunny climate but are still estimates. The actual number may vary based on site-specific conditions and energy usage patterns.
  • Regular maintenance and evaluations can enhance your solar system’s performance.
  • Consulting with local photovoltaic energy experts is recommended for accurate sizing and installation, tailored to your location and needs.

Average Costs of Complete PV System Installed

12KW 3 Phase Photovoltaic Integrated Power System with 20kWh Lithium Power Battery Backup and 8800w of Photovoltaic Panels

Total Price: R250,000 – R350,000 (dependent on inverter, PV panel, and battery brand).

Advanced System Features:

  • A 12-kilowatt 3-phase inverter.
  • 20 Kilowatt-hour Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery capacity.
  • 16 high-wattage 550+ watt PV panels (totaling 8800 watts).
  • Perfect for medium to large households seeking near or complete grid independence.

Robust Design and Performance:

  • Designed for nearly complete energy independence.
  • Enhanced efficiency and reliability thanks to more PV panels and larger battery storage.
  • Over 10 hours of continuous power at a 1.8kw-watt draw.
  • PV panels are capable of generating approximately 8000 watts at peak sunlight.

Components and Professional Installation Services:

  • High-performance 12Kw 3-phase, 48-volt inverter.
  • Professionally wired to your distribution board with changeover switches and breakers.
  • Roof installation of 16 premium PV panels, each backed by a 20+ year guarantee, inclusive of all wiring and breakers.
  • Complete electrical installation services included.
  • Compliance certificate provided, subject to the existing electrical compliance of the installation site (*See additional note).

This comprehensive PV power system is ideal for households looking for a high-capacity, reliable solar solution to significantly reduce or eliminate reliance on traditional power sources.

8KW Photovoltaic Integrated Power System with 14kWh Lithium Power Battery Backup and 4400w of Photovoltaic Panels

This enhanced system is an excellent choice for medium to larger households, featuring a powerful 8kw inverter and a larger array of photovoltaic panels, making it ideal for substantial backup power needs and reducing monthly electricity costs.

Total Price: 

R140,000 – R190,000 (dependent on inverter, PV panels, and battery brand).

System Overview:

  • Enhanced Capacity: Efficiently manages most household electrical demands, ensuring abundant backup power and significant savings on electricity bills.
  • Investment Value: The upgraded system offers substantial benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for long-term cost savings and energy efficiency.

System Specifications:

  • Backup Power Capacity: 14 Kilowatt-hour, providing more than 35 hours of power at a 400-watt draw.
  • Maximum Power Output: 8kw.
  • PV Panel Efficiency: Comes with eight high-performance 550+ watt photovoltaic panels, capable of producing over 4400 watts at peak sun.

Included Components and Services:

  • Inverter: A high-quality hybrid smart inverter, 8kw, 48-volt.
  • Battery Storage: 10 Kilowatt hours of top-tier Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries.
  • Professional Installation: Wiring to key circuits on your distribution board, including changeover switches and breakers.
  • PV Panel Installation: Eight premium 550+ watt PV panels with a 20+ year warranty, complete with all necessary wiring and breakers.
  • Electrical Services: Comprehensive installation and a compliance certificate, contingent on the existing electrical compliance of your property 

5KW Photovoltaic Integrated Power System with 5kWh Lithium Power Battery Backup and 2200w of Photovoltaic Panels

Total Cost:

From R90,000 – R120,000+ (varies based on inverter, PV panels, and battery brand).

This all-encompassing package presents a robust solar-integrated backup power system, perfectly suited for small to medium-sized households. It’s designed to provide a dependable power solution and a chance to lower monthly utility expenses.

System Details:

  • PV Panel Capacity: Equipped with four high-efficiency 550-watt photovoltaic panels, this system ensures consistent power generation, particularly in sunny conditions.
  • Balance of Performance and Affordability: Crafted to offer a reliable backup power source and the advantages of solar energy, this system is an ideal match for households prioritizing both reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Backup Power: The system’s 5 Kilowatt-hour battery capacity is capable of delivering over 10 hours of continuous power at a 400-watt draw.
  • Maximum Power Output: 5kw.

Included Components and Services:

  • Inverter: A premium hybrid smart inverter, 5kw, 48-volt.
  • Battery Storage: Over 5 Kilowatt hours of superior Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries.
  • Professional Installation: Wiring of the inverter to essential circuits on your distribution board, including changeover switches and breakers.
  • PV Panel Installation: Four 550+ watt photovoltaic panels, each backed by a 20+ year warranty, including all necessary wiring and breakers.
  • Electrical Services: Comprehensive installation services, along with a compliance certificate, subject to the existing electrical compliance of the premises (*See additional note).

This solar power system is a complete solution, offering energy independence and peace of mind through its seamless integration and reliable backup capabilities.

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PV Panel Prices by Brand

Explore pricing for some of the most widely-utilized photovoltaic panel brands in South Africa. These PV panels are renowned for their durability and come with comprehensive warranties of 20 or 25 years, covering both breakage and performance degradation.

BrandAdjusted Price Range (R)
Longi Solar 275w – 610wR2,302 – R4,658
JA Solar 275w – 600wR2,014 – R5,227
Trina Solar 275w – 670wR2,111 – R5,118
Jinko Solar Panels 275w – 575wR1,943 – R3,811
Canadian Solar Solar Panels 270w – 600wR1,967 – R5,068

Typical Battery and Inverter Prices for PV Panels

Discover the costs for top-tier solar inverters and lithium-ion batteries prevalent in South Africa. These high-quality inverters typically offer warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years, while the lithium-ion batteries are generally backed by a 10-year warranty.

Battery/Inverter TypeAdjusted Price (R)
Shoto 2.4 kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R11,450
Shoto 4.8kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R26,100
Solar MD 3.7 kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R26,200
Solar MD 7.4 kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R55,900
Freedom Won 10/8 10kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R65,400
Freedom Won 5/4 10kWh Lithium-Ion Batteryfrom R34,800
Deye 5kWh Solar Inverter 48v / 230vfrom R22,900
Deye 8kWh Solar Inverter 48v / 230vfrom 38,000
Deye 12kWh Inverter 48v / 230v/400vfrom 53,405
Deye 16kWh Inverter 48v / 230v/400vfrom 66,693

Ready to Install Residential Backup Power Kits Without Solar Panels

The available solar power kits are equipped with standard mounting brackets and a cabling kit for typical home installations, including all necessary standard AC/DC switchgear. Although these kits do not include PV panels, they are designed to be ready for integration with solar panels. The batteries and inverters included in these kits typically come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring reliability and quality performance. 

Backup Power Kit TypeAdjusted Price (R)
3.5kw All-In-One System Solar Panel Ready 5kWh Lithium Batteryfrom R29,600
5kw All-In-One System Solar Panel Ready 5kWh Lithium Batteryfrom R39,000
5kw All-In-One System Solar Panel Ready 10kWh Lithium Batteryfrom R66,000

Ready to Install Residential Photovoltaic (PV) Power Kit Prices

These PV power kits include standard mounting brackets, a cabling kit suitable for typical home installations, and all necessary standard AC/DC switchgear. The batteries and inverters typically come with a 10-year warranty, while the photovoltaic panels have a 20-year warranty. Below are the adjusted prices for these ready-to-install residential PV kits:

PV Power Kit TypeAdjusted Price (R)
5kw All-In-One System with 5kWh Lithium Battery and 4 x 550w PV Panels (2.2kw total power charge)from R59,150
5kw All-In-One System with 5kWh Lithium Battery and 8 x 550w PV Panels (4.4kw total power charge)from R78,800
8kw All-In-One System with 10kWh Lithium Battery and 12 x 550w PV Panels (6.6kw total power charge)from R148,900
12kw All-In-One System with 16kWh Lithium Battery and 16 x 550w PV Panels (8.8kw total power charge)from R215,000

These prices provide an estimate for comprehensive residential PV power solutions, ensuring you have everything needed for a standard solar installation.

Factors Influencing Photovoltaic Panel Prices

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of a photovoltaic (PV) panel installation is crucial for homeowners. Each solar installation is unique, and tailored to the homeowner’s needs and property specifics. Below are key aspects affecting PV panel pricing:

  • System Size and Capacity: The system size, measured in kilowatts (kW), significantly determines the cost. Larger systems with higher capacity require more PV panels and additional hardware, leading to higher expenses.
  • Type and Quality of PV Panels: PV panels vary in type (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film) and efficiency, affecting costs. High-efficiency panels generally cost more but offer better long-term cost-effectiveness.
  • Inverter Type: Inverters, crucial for converting solar energy to electricity, vary in type (string inverters, microinverters, hybrid inverters) and quality. The inverter choice can significantly impact overall costs.
  • Battery Storage: Adding a battery storage system for excess solar energy storage enhances energy independence and savings, though it increases the initial investment.
  • Installation Complexity: Factors such as roof type, angle, accessibility, and special requirements can affect installation complexity and cost.
  • Location and Climate: Geographic location determines sunlight availability for energy production. Local climate conditions also influence equipment choice and installation procedures.
  • Government Incentives and Rebates: In South Africa, the National Treasury offers a rebate program for residential solar PV systems. Homeowners can get a 25% rebate on solar panel costs, capped at ZAR 15,000. Eligibility criteria include a VAT invoice and proof of payment, and for systems purchased between March 1, 2023, and February 29, 2024, a mandatory compliance certificate with the 2009 Electrical Installation Regulations is required.
  • Labor Costs: Installation costs vary by region and installer expertise. Opting for certified and experienced installers, though potentially more costly, ensures system efficiency and safety.
  • Maintenance and Additional Features: Long-term maintenance and additional features like monitoring systems contribute to the overall cost of a PV system.
  • Electrical Upgrades: Upgrading existing electrical systems to support new solar installations can add to the total cost.

Understanding these factors helps in making an informed decision when investing in a PV system, balancing initial costs with long-term benefits.

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How to Save Money on Your Photovoltaic Installations

Investing in a photovoltaic (PV) solar installation is a significant financial decision, but there are numerous strategies to make it more affordable and maximize your investment. Here are tips to economize on your solar PV installations:

  • Research Government Incentives and Rebates: Utilize programs like the South African National Treasury’s ZAR 4 billion rebate program for residential solar PV systems. This rebate offers up to 25% off on solar PV panel costs, capped at ZAR 15,000. Ensure you meet eligibility criteria, including having a VAT invoice and a compliance certificate with the 2009 Electrical Installation Regulations.
  • Choose the Right System Size: Select a solar system that matches your energy needs to avoid overspending. Both over-sizing and under-sizing can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.
  • Compare Quotes from Multiple Providers: Obtain and compare quotations from various for solar installers to find the most competitive deal that suits your needs and budget.
  • Consider Panel Type and Efficiency: Higher-efficiency PV panels may be more costly upfront but can generate more energy in a smaller space, offering long-term savings.
  • Explore Financing Options: Consider solar loans or leases to spread the cost over time, making the investment more manageable.
  • Invest in Quality Equipment: Opting for high-quality PV panels and components pays off in the long run due to their durability and efficiency.
  • DIY Some Installation Aspects: If you’re skilled, you can save on labor costs by handling some aspects of the installation. Be mindful that professional assistance is crucial for electrical connections and complex tasks.
  • Plan for Long-Term Performance: Regular maintenance ensures your solar system operates efficiently, avoiding costly repairs and maintaining optimal energy production.
  • Utilize Energy Efficiently: Adopt energy-efficient practices in your home or business to reduce overall consumption, allowing a smaller solar system to meet your needs.
  • Monitor Energy Usage: Implement monitoring systems to track energy production and consumption, helping you adjust usage patterns for maximum solar benefits.

By strategically planning and conducting thorough research, you can effectively reduce the costs of your solar PV installation while reaping the benefits of renewable energy.

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