Solar PV Systems for Home and Business across South Africa

  • Modern Solar Panels with a 25+ Year Lifespan 
  • No more load-shedding worries
  • High-Quality Solar Solutions for Home and Business

Tired of being in the dark? Is load-shedding affecting your quality of life? Is it impossible to get an Eskom connection on your property? Then installing a Solar System can benefit you immensely.

  • Affordable priced modern high-quality Solar solutions.
  • Installations that adhere to SANS and SSEG requirements
  • Long-lasting equipment that is SABS approved

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Solar PV Systems for Homes and Businesses are more affordable and obtainable than ever before.

Installing a solar energy system is now much more economical than you might expect thanks to recent technological advancements. Modern PV panels typically last at least 15 years and some versions come with a 25-year warranty, which is a huge improvement in the longevity over earlier models.

Recent Li-Ion batteries have come a long way now lasting for 10 years or more with normal use. Making Solar Solutions the perfect long-term solution for load shedding and increasing energy tariffs.

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Load-shedding solutions for Homes and Businesses

In some circumstances, especially when on a tight budget, installing a system simply to supply your essential power demands during load-shedding can make sense.

For comparison, the price of installing a backup system that would supply electricity for 4-6 hours would be roughly:

  • R80,000 for low-usage families 
  • R100,000 for med-usage families 
  • R150,000 for high-usage families

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The installation will smoothly transition to backup power in the event of a power failure or load-shedding. The prices listed above is for just a battery backup and does not include any solar panels. 

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Home Solar Panel PV System installations across South Africa

For a house to function properly, a solar power system at home must produce adequate electricity to satisfy the desired needs. In order to power lighting systems, electronics, appliances, and gadgets like computers, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs, and music systems in homes, the system should also be able to convert DC power generated to AC power.

Components of a Home Solar System

A solar system for a house or company consists of numerous parts, including:

  • PV solar panels to capture the energy from the solar rays
  • A battery to store the energy captured 
  • A DC to AC inverter 
  • A charging regulator to regulate current from solar panels
  • Distribution board and cables to connect everything

We advise using a professional for the design and installation of your solar system because all these parts must function together in a secure and dependable manner.

Business Solar Panel PV System Installations across South Africa 

Because offices and other commercial buildings often use a lot more energy during the day than at night, solar systems are a great option for the majority of commercial buildings because they don’t require significant energy storage.

Here are a few reasons Solar Systems for Businesses are becoming popular so quickly:

  • Lowers operating expenses
  • Outstanding Return on Investment
  • Protects your company from load shedding 
  • Low Maintenance due to the lack of moving components in solar systems
  • Smaller initial investment because of technical advancements
  • Enhanced brand perception and reduced carbon footprint
  • Escalating power prices

Whatever your motivations are for installing a solar system, get in touch with Solar Power Pros, and we’ll put you in touch with a reputable installer nearby.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy 

Checking to see if solar energy can fit into your lifestyle is a key consideration when you are considering if solar energy is the ideal solution for you. Here are pros and cons to keep in mind as you select the best type of energy source for you.


  • Reduction in Electricity Bill
  • Brings you One Step Closer to Energy Independence
  • No moving parts resulting in low maintenance.
  • Sustainable source of energy
  • Reduction of load on the energy grid
  • Presents a fix for the load-shedding issue.
  • System can be customized to suit your needs


  • Expensive Initial Investment
  • Will require a battery to function at night
  • Energy Storage is expensive and very limited
  • Might not have enough space to install solar panels 
  • Not a 100% pollution-free

Why Choose a Solar Power Pros partner for your solar Panel PV installation?

When selecting a company to install a solar system, it may be challenging to find a reliable supplier and installer. To make it easier for you to find a reputable company, Solar Power Pros has hand-picked only the best Solar Solution suppliers across South Africa.

Our partners are:

  • Our partners are leading Solar installers across South Africa
  • Customer Satisfaction is their number one priority
  • In compliance with South African SANS and SSEG standards 
  • Our partners don’t just meet the standards, they exceed them
  • All Products used are in compliance with SABS standards.
  • Transparent long-term Guarantees. 
  • Knowledgeable and experienced solar technicians
  • Advice on financing options to fit your budget

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